Martin Vobr

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Vobr graduated from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague in 1995. Within the framework of further professional education, he studied economics with a focus on financial management and applied management. During his previous career, he served as CEO of major companies such as UNIPETROL Trade, a.s., MSA, a.s., Frigera, a.s., Newton Media, a.s. He has extensive experience in managing and managing companies abroad, where he has worked in the statutory bodies of companies in the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia. Now he is engaged in consulting activities in the area of start-up, development, and restructuring of companies. The main focus of the activity is the introduction of corporate finance, corporate governance, business development processes with a focus on "start-up" companies and the implementation of strategies in line with the views of the owners or shareholders.


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