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Member of the ICCI scientific council is the first Czech to win the global award

Professor Jana Hajšlová, an expert in foodstuffs chemical safety, is the first Czech to win the Harvey W. Wiley Award. Since 1957 it has been awarded to scientists who significantly contributed to the development of official analytical methods. In addition to being awarded, Jana Hajšlová presented a paper on the current technical practices and new challenges in examining the quality, safety and adulteration of food at this year’s conference.

CEO of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute Pavel Kubů said: "For my part and for our entire Institute, I would like to warmly congratulate to Mrs. professor Hajšlová for receiving the prestigious award of global importance." He added: "Mrs. professor is a very important member of ICCI and I am glad that our cooperation is still expanding." ICCI cooperates with a team led by Jana Hajšlová on research of metabolome (the profile of bioactive substances) of cannabis plants and its transformation in the production of various types of extracts.

Understanding the cannabinoid metabolome and its changes during the preparation of cannabis medicines or food will enable the development of new treatment methods working with the positive effects of this herb on human and animal health. At the same time, it will greatly enhance personalization of cannabis treatment according to specific patient needs and long-term availability of particular effective mixture of bioactive compounds produced by plants of cannabis.

Institute ICCI (International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute) was established as a common project of Czech scientific and research community, patient organization Americans for Safe Access and investment company Dioscorides Global Holdings. Its headquarters is located in Prague and it cooperates with the Charles University, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Masaryk University in Brno as a so-called "centre of excellence".

Professor Jana Hajšlová is the head of the Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition at the University of the Chemistry and Technology.  Moreover she is a member of scientific council of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI). She received several major awards, such as the Minister of Education Award for outstanding achievements or the František Běhounek Award for the promotion and popularization of Czech science and spreading the good name of the Czech Republic.


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