Medical Professional Accredited Education

Cannabis Care Certification helps doctors provide the best care for their patients, and helps patients get the most from their medical cannabis use. Written by recognized world experts, including Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the CCC Program features online education that provides a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the endocannabinoid system, and cannabis therapeutics and their clinical indications. The content, and its presentation, are designed to be of educational value and interest for those new to medical cannabis, as well as for those with years of experience in this area of clinical practice.

Successful completion of the program culminates in the medical professional being awarded "Cannabis Care Certification," continuing medical education (CME) credits, patient education subscription, and an option to be listed on the CCC referral section of the website. This certification, awarded only to those who fulfill the certifying requirements and successfully complete the academic course, distinguishes that clinician as one dedicated to developing expertise in cannabis care.

The program also provides resources for medical professionals including:

  • Current information on state-by-state requirements for recommending medical cannabis
  • Overview of laws and regulations concerning medical professionals and cannabis
  • Educational material for patients

Cannabis Care Certification - Coming soon!

Americans for Safe Access Foundation (ASA) and The Answer Page, Inc. have created the Cannabis Care Certification (CCC)program to help doctors provide the best care for legal medical cannabis patients, and to help patients get the most from their medical cannabis use. CCC has been created by recognized world experts and includes online educational tools for medical professionals, patients, and their caregivers to better understand the role of cannabis therapeutics through a structured learning environment.

The CCC program has been designed for individuals as well as for companies and organizations that need to meet state requirements for patient medical cannabis education or CME requirements for physicians.



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