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ICCI Events

The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute hosts events for medical professionals, regulators, and patients. Following a series of requests of support and guidance, ICCI brings global experts to address concerns of policymakers and medical professionals, with the goals of educating and entering the medical cannabis industry in the according region.


ICCI PFC Seminars

ICCIs PFC - Patient Focused Program was created to address issues of quality control and product safety in the cannabis industry and to ensure patients (consumers) and their healthcare providers that they can rely on high-quality medical cannabis products and services. One of its key services is its Education and Training Program. 

PFC staff members have over a dozen years of experience working in implementing medical cannabis laws nationwide and have helped to develop and improve laws on both the local and state level. PFC staff continues to ensure regulatory compliance of patient and providers by offering a variety of hands-on-in-person training. Patient Focused Certification's comprehensive staff training represents the continuing evolution of this important, ever-expanding work.

PFC has trained Thousands of Patients, Consumers, Health Care Providers, Industry Professionals & Regulators, and medical cannabis industry professionals over the last decade.

The PFC training and education program prepares individuals to understand national and international regulations, and to learn requires safety and operational protocols. Furthermore, you will receive information on the basics of cannabis as medicine and common therapeutic uses of cannabis.


Your own events

On the other hand, our Centre of Excellence can support you in organizing your own a medical cannabis conference or seminar. We can help you find the world's top experts as potential speakers for your event. Our network of presenters can provide science-based cases to enrich the educational experience for event participants.

Due to our unique expertise, we can assist our clients in creating specified also educational materials.

We can help you also with creating various educational materials.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us:



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