Accounting Services

Tax, Financial and Accounting Services

The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute provides accounting services for those interested in being assessed in the financial capabilities of their business. Depending on the type of business environment different tailored practiced will be planned. With our comprehensive accounting services, our clients can rely on their accounting needs.

The ICCI staff will meet with you to identify your needs and requirements, subsequently making all the necessary arrangements to agree on the operations which your business needs. Consequently, a direct communication will open to maximize effectiveness in all services hired.  The ICCI offers the following services depending on location:

Business advice

  1. Ready-made companies

  2. Founding a company

  3. Status Services

  4. Nominal Services

  5. Registration and de-registration

Payroll and Human resources

  1. Preparing documentation for employee hires and layoffs (including employment contract services)

  2. Keeping record of employees’ travel expenses

  3. Representation before social insurance and health insurance institutions

  4. Calculations of employees’ net salaries

  5. Calculation of social security payments for employees

  6. Payroll services

  7. Monthly filling of all necessary social security and pension forms/returns

  8. Keeping track of all staff vacations and sick leaves

  9. Preparation of monthly payslips for employees

  10. Annual payroll tax returns

  11. Preparation of annual salary data sheets for employees

  12. Annual statistical returns for all authorities

  13. Personal Folder

  14. Confirmation for employees 


  1. Bookkeeping on a monthly basis

  2. Preparation of profit & loss statements

  3. Preparation of required reports

  4. Preparation of internal guidelines for bookkeeping

  5. Preparation of financial statements

  6. Preparation of payments to internet banking

  7. Accounting advice

  8. Report statements for the Statistical Office

  9. Reports for banks, economic reports

  10. Accounting of grants, grants audit, grants final statements, grants reports 

Tax advice

  1. Tax counseling

  2. Tax audit

  3. Preparation of tax returns (VAT, income tax, road tax, etc.)

  4. Filling out tax returns on via registered tax advisors

  5. Keeping track of all official deadlines

  6. Advice on taxes and fees administration

  7. Representation before tax authorities

  8. Arrange inspection from Financial administration

  9. VAT classification of medical products

  10. Calculation of prices for private providers of healthcare

  11. Taxes and accounting workshop and presentations 

Obtaining a registered seat in Prague

  1. Virtual offices

  2. Catering & short-term rentals of meeting rooms rentals


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