Big Data Services

ICCI uses big data platforms and tools to provide product manufacturers and distributors, laboratories, research institutes, medical professionals, patients, universities and private institutions with a variety of research services including:

Creating big data platforms

A major challenge in designing clinical research on cannabis is the variety and complexity of the active compounds found in the plant, and the vast reach of the cannabinoid receptors that are involved in almost every aspect of homeostatic regulation in the human body. To help address this challenge, ICCI employs innovative computing tools through partnerships with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leaders and institutes to create big data platforms for cannabis.  The platforms combine cannabis data from:

· known/published research findings

· online real-world experiences

· extensive data mining from general search engines and databases

· extensive data mining from specialized search engines and databases 

The combined data sources create a robust data set that can be used for in-depth analysis of the complex mechanisms involved with whole-plant bioactivity and entourage effect.  This acquired information is instrumental in identifying new treatment targets and methodologies, streamlining the clinical trial design process, and developing new products based on a continuously growing body of evidence.

From data collecting to personalized treatment

Big data platforms are able to relate the acquired data to a particular diagnosis, region, and local supplier, or to a comprehensive cannabis model. This allows us to better understand the medical cannabis consumer, profile their personal or group needs and trends, and ideally, use big data profiles to match a patient's medical condition with an optimal cannabis product or chemovar, while maintaining their safety and anonymity. Big data captured directly from patients can also be compared and contrasted with data provided by cannabis product manufacturers.

Data collection strategy design and architecture solutions

Data collection is a prerequisite for knowledge and insight into the effectiveness of your business processes, and your ability to manage them.

Thanks to our Patient Focused Certification (PFC) program, ICCI has a very thorough understanding of GxP enforcement in the cannabis industry. Based on your specific needs, ICCI can design a comprehensive data collection strategy based on PFC methodology, using custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Once the data collection strategy is in place, KPIs can be tracked by your company.

ICCI has extensive expertise in mobile data collection and can provide guidance on the most appropriate tools that can be used to collect and analyze your KPIs.  ICCI has its own mobile data collection solution which can be accessed from mobile phone and tablet apps (iOS, Android), as well as a server-based solution for data retrieval and analysis. 

To efficiently implement a customized data collection solution, ICCI will work closely with you to identify your requirements including: 

· Data set to be collected

· Data collection workflow

· Target intent - requirements for the processing of collected data

· Definition of expected target outputs



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