Big Data Services

ICCI utilizes big data platforms and tools to provide a variety of research services for product manufacturers and distributors, laboratories and research institutes, medical professionals/individual patients, universities and private institutions.

A major challenge in designing clinical research for cannabis is the complexity of the active compounds found in the plant and the vast reach of the cannabinoid receptors in almost every homeostasis action in the human body.

Creating big data platforms

ICCI utilizes innovative computing tools through partnerships with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leaders and institutions.  

As a result, we can combine:

  • known cannabis research findings
  • extensive data mining from social networks
  • extensive data mining from general search engines and databases
  • extensive data mining from specialized search engines and databases

Combination of all these data creates big data platforms and tools that will streamline the clinical trial design process and create new treatment methods and product development.

From data collecting to personalized treatment

Our unique method allows collecting data from patients, who already use cannabis and share their experience openly on social media. In the US, there are hundreds of thousands of users, from which relevant specimens of 1,000 to 5,000 patients are later chosen. The number of patients, who took part in the best research studies of their kind so far, is thus exceeded multiple times. All these methods, already proven in the US, may be applicable in the EU.

Big data tools are able to relate the acquired data to a particular diagnosis, location, and local supplier, or to a comprehensively described cannabis model. It allows us to embody an idea of a medical cannabis consumer, profile his (and potential customer group's) trends behavior and match patient's condition with collected big data profile of optimal cannabis metabolomes while maintaining safety anonymity of individuals. Big data acquired directly from patients can be compared with data given by manufacturers to their products.


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