Plant Research

ICCI has experience in all areas of cannabis cultivation and husbandry, from deciphering the complexities of the metabolome (i.e. the plant’s complete biochemical composition, to the regulation of biosynthesis, genetic strategies in plant breeding, tissue culture and micropropagation (i.e. cloning), greenhouse and field cultivation, among others. 

Commercial agriculture of cannabis is a complex process, and there is a constant need for improvements to maximize the quality, yield, and safety of the crop. ICCI is involved in extensive basic and applied research in crop science including plant life function, growth and development, and the study of plant communities. Our research involves a wide array of methods spanning the fields of plant molecular genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, morphometry and plant community monitoring. Our research interests are aimed at understanding the biological nature of the cannabis plant as a whole functional entity, from DNA to phenotype, and assessing the plant’s interactions with the environment and other living organisms in the ecosystem.  


ICCI’s experts can provide guidance in the following areas:

-Agricultural systems

-Production and protection


-Plant resources


-Safety & quality

-Pathogen and pest prevention

-Plant fertility tailored to production methods

-Intelligent automation and production support

-Cannabis chemovar database

-Cannabis product registration

-Cannabis evaluation and certification


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