ICCIs consulting services include the full range of skills necessary to pursue research or cannabis commerce: clinical trial protocol evaluation or generation de novo, laboratory set-up and quality assurance, market access evaluation, recommendations and strategies to obtain cannabis chemovars for specific purposes, interpretation of analyses, quality control in plant husbandry, production and distribution of cannabis products.

Business Consultancy

ICCI business consultancy services represent a full range of skills necessary to establish successful and sustainable cannabis commerce:

• Quality assurance and control

• Market access evaluation and support

• Recommendations and strategies for entering specific segments of businesses with cannabis products

• Interpretation of analyses

• Guidance for production and distribution of cannabis products

• Client support in the administration and subsequent implementation of products and/or services in the respective region or country

• Prioritization of areas for research and development

Regulatory Consultancy

ICCI regulatory consultancy services provide a pathway for product development and a roadmap to market:

• Advisory on relevant regulatory processes for specific cannabis product and/or service

• Guidance in negotiation with regulatory bodies in the EU, Canada, US, South, and Central America or Japan

• The assistance of experienced regulatory professionals to guide research and/or development programs

• Advisory and/or implementation of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

• Guidance through import and export options for cannabis products in countries of client’s interest

Clinical Consulting

ICCI clinical consultancy services provide expert advice on study design and execution, whether surveys, case reports, observational studies or more formal randomized clinical trials in pharmaceutical development with the intent to obtain formal regulatory approval:

• Advisory consultation with experienced clinicians

• Consultation on a selection of specific medical indications for cannabis-based study preparations

• Consultation on study drug delivery techniques

• Full range of contract research organization (CRO) services

• Medical monitoring and troubleshooting • Liaison with study investigators, organization of investigator meetings for multi-site clinical trials 

Veterinary Consulting

ICCI veterinary consultancy services provide advice on clinical trial study design and execution for clinical trials in companion and farm animals, as well as providing direction on suitable preparations and administration methods :

• Advisory consultation with experienced experts

• Consultation on a selection of specific veterinary indications for cannabis-based study preparations

• Contract research organization (CRO) services

• Veterinary monitoring and troubleshooting

• Liaison with study investigators

• Organization of Investigator Meetings for multi-site veterinary clinical trials

Agricultural Consulting

ICCI agricultural consultancy services provide advisory on all aspects of cannabis husbandry:

• Site selection

• Permitting

• Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) as applied to cannabis

• Growth media (soil, compost, hydroponics)

• Greenhouse design and construction

• Advanced Mendelian breeding for chemovar optimization

• Cultivation, vegetative propagation, harvesting, drying, curing


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