Government Relations

Governments around the world are considering or have already considered establishing a medical cannabis program in their country. ICCI’s team of experts can navigate governments through all the important elements that need to be taken into consideration to achieve an optimized medical cannabis program. An efficient medical cannabis program will provide patients with access to safe and consistent medical cannabis products, and precise, condition-specific treatment methods.

The ICCI team can provide governments with the evidence they need to decide if and why a medical cannabis program is needed in their country. Our team’s knowledge and expertise can provide essential guidance to governments on the inter-institutional processes that are required to engage all stakeholders in not only implementing laws and regulations, but establishing a functional and effective medical cannabis program that will benefit their citizens.

Attempting to implement cannabis commerce in the world today is akin to attempting to successfully negotiate a minefield; it cannot be achieved without careful consideration of each step. Fortunately, the ICCI team has extensive experience in finding a secure and efficient path through local, national and international treaty laws to help ensure that medical cannabis access programs remain safe and successful. Strategies are not always quick or simple, but we can provide the advice necessary to maximize the likelihood of favorable results.

Main Priorities for ICCI's Government Relations Services:

1. Help evaluate if and why a medical cannabis program is needed.

2. Provide information on how a medical cannabis program can help the local population and potentially the economy through export.

3. Provide guidance on the creation of applicable legislation and the implementation of laws and regulations.

4. Help with training the officials that are responsible for the implementation of the medical cannabis program.

5. Provide medical cannabis education to medical professionals, patients, caregivers and private or public agencies.

6. Provide support and services to help ensure consistent quality and safety of medical and health products containing cannabis.

ICCI provides the following services to private or public agencies and government authorities:

National and International Legislation Information/guidance

The ICCI team provides legal consulting to assist countries with creating legislation, regulations and sub-regulations that are in line with three UN drug control conventions, and to help resolve specific issues like mandatory reporting to the International Narcotics Control Board.

Regulatory guidance and policy advocacy with local insight

Our team’s knowledge and experience will shorten time to implementation, and ensure efficient completion of specific regulatory and/or advocacy projects.

Legal advice on the international requirements for control of cannabis and cannabis derivatives

Under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971, including:

-  control of cultivation of the cannabis plant for the production of cannabis,

-  control of manufacture and domestic distribution of cannabis, medical cannabis, cannabis preparations and cannabis derivatives,

-  control of import and export of cannabis, medical cannabis, cannabis preparations and cannabis derivatives, including the system of estimates (quotas),

-  mandatory reporting by governments to the International Narcotics Control Board on cannabis and cannabis derivatives.

Counsel on various models of national control systems for cannabis and cannabis derivatives...

in line with the provisions of the international drug control treaties, and share experiential knowledge on their implementation in various countries.  

Model legislation

ICCI has created a model law to help guide governments through the process of creating and implementing medical cannabis legislation.

Execution of processes

ICCI provides training for national administrators on the implementation of medical cannabis laws and regulations.

Education program

ICCI has established a one-week medical cannabis curriculum that provides governments and authorized officials with the required knowledge on medical cannabis. 

Consulting on hemp

ICCI provides consulting on all aspects of hemp and its regulation at regional, national and international levels. 


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