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Cannabis-based products can differ in their composition depending on the processing practices (including bioactive compounds) even if the starting material is homogeneous or standardized.

Metabolome Fingerprinting

Metabolomic fingerprinting is based on plant material analysis, which allows detailed study and description of approximately 254 cannabinoids, including synthetic cannabinoids. ICCI's metabolic method can be used to analyze various types of plant, oil, cream and other cannabis-based products. Our discoveries utilize metabolomic analysis as a break-through technology, which when applied to cannabis brings higher resolution for identification and characterization of the product.

It enables:

  • better understanding how cannabinoids work, thus more precise treatment targeting,
  • reaching standardized quality of cannabis products in a variety of health care branches,
  • better preparedness to enter markets where medical cannabis is a subject to strict regulation,
  • splitting and re-arranging a particular contents model.


Library of metabolomics

ICCI has built a unique biological library of cultivar's and whole plant product's metabolomics that characterize and catalogue the full spectrum of compounds (known and unknown) from each analysed cannabis matrix. This library is a unique tool for matching metabolomics profiles with desired indications for optimal clinical trial design, recommendations for personalized treatment methods and agricultural sciences.

Metabolomic tools

Challenging analysis

ICCI utilizes challenging analytical techniques in cannabis and products analysis, bioactivity documentation using cutting-edge instrumentation enabling both targeted analysis and non-target metabolomic screening:

  • Ultra High Resolution Liquid Chromatography (U-HPLC) coupled with Tandem High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR MS/MS)
  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) coupled with Tandem High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR MS/MS)

What are the main benefits achievable by HRMS? High accuracy, high specificity, low limits of detection or quantification, and identification of effect (bio)markers.


Metabolomic analysis



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