Product Formulation

ICCI offers product formulation services for various categories of products and types of delivery systems.  Each formulation is customized to help entrepreneurs and manufacturers bring their product ideas to life. ICCI provides formulation services that allow you to develop whole plant products, or cannabis-based medicines, oils, dietary supplements, novelty foods, creams, ointments and cosmetics, among others.

ICCI employs certified scientific methods to ensure all necessary steps are completed with appropriate supporting documentation. Our product formulation process includes the following: 

Product Design

ICCI will meet with you to identify basic requirements for your product including desired key ingredients, raw materials, and performance attributes. We will make sure to understand the specific objectives for your final product, as well as ideal pricing and time-frame targets. 

Product Idea Review

Prior to initiating formulation activities, ICCI experts will review all elements of the initial product design to ensure its feasibility. If adjustments to the product design are needed, they will be addressed with you at this stage in the process. 


ICCI scientists will commence pre-formulation research studies, followed by laboratory scale formulation studies. Once the basic product formulation is complete, product optimization studies will be undertaken to enhance the existing formulation or develop a modified formulation with new organic/chemical constituents.

Product Analysis

Once the initial product formulation research is complete, the product’s properties and performance characteristics will be analyzed to ensure product safety and stability.

Product Prototype

After product analysis is complete, and the formulation exists, ICCI will provide you with a prototype to assess, and subsequently provide feedback on.  ICCI will make appropriate adjustments to the product if required.


Once the final product formulation is complete, ICCI will prepare all necessary documentation for the product, per Chemistry Manufacturing and Control Documentation (CMC) protocols.

Product Manufacturing

ICCI can assist with the steps involved with transitioning your product from the prototype phase to the manufacturing phase of the process. 


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