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What is a Centre of Excellence? In the case of ICCI, it refers to an organization that combines various institutions (universities, high-tech companies, associations) that combine their capabilities to provide service to the broad array of entities around the world interested in the development of cannabis and cannabinoids as medicine. This is achieved through the application of best practices, novel research, support to industry and inventors, and education and training programs for students and professionals in all the allied fields related to cannabis: medicine, laboratory analysis, agronomy, industrial hemp, and cannabis commerce. In this manner, an embryonic business concept or invention can be properly incubated and developed toward future markets and availability to patients and consumers in need. The tools applied to such endeavors are quite varied and include the broad range from the experience of ICCI personnel, application of new technologies, utilization of the artificial intelligence and big data analytics tools that help them run and the services that can be provided as a result. In this manner, a synergy of energy and application will catalyze the rapid development of better medicine and other products that can contribute to improvements in daily life for people everywhere.  



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