The cannabis industry has grown quickly in recent years, as a number of jurisdictions have explored new laws around cannabis research, sale and use. However, a  large uncertainty is present in this emerging sector, as laws continue to change and businesses adapt accordingly. The resulting investment opportunities have created an enormous demand for a credible, compliant, research services firm to test and validate the new wave of products seeking market entry. 

What are the cannabis market trends?

  • Business opportunities exist for those that can help support the navigation of a newly emerging legal industry.

  • Advances in medical cannabis research in Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia are fueling interest in the therapeutic properties and uses of cannabis.

  • Early stage and well-established healthcare companies are betting big on clinical research producing highly profitable cannabis-based products.


Are you interested in investing in the cannabis industry?

The ICCI Investment Services are customized to a client’s income level, circumstances and objectives. ICCI’s professional advisers focus on helping you meet your financial goals by helping you organize and manage your investment. ICCI will help you understand the different investment opportunities by sharing available information. You will be guided through potential risks depending on the investment you are interested in. Once you have chosen the desired area of investment, and are ready to move forward, ICCI’s experts will help you plan a timeline, and help you manage your investment.

Are you interested in investment opportunities?



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