Despite the global popularity of cannabis and cannabinoid research, there is currently a lack of research tools for scientists to study cannabis and the human body including (but not limited to) new analytical methods, cell lines, antibodies and reagents, diagnostic markers of disease, and next-generation hardware and software for manufacturing and product development.



Today millions of people are finding relief using cannabis treatments. Regarding the principles of the Evidence-Based-Medicine (EBM), cannabis and its derivatives are safe and effective treatment agents for common symptoms: pain, spasticity, vomiting, and nausea.

Life Science

Unleashing the potential of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments do require a transdisciplinary approach that captures the current knowledge base across the fields of biomedical, life sciences, and policy research.   

Science Policy

A lack of viable treatment options from conventional medicine for various medical conditions is driving a global movement to create safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Today, over two-thirds of the population of the United States and its territories live in regions with medical cannabis laws, and over 2.5 million individuals worldwide are legally using medical cannabis.


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